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Welcome to our Website.

    H.T.I.C.S. can help you with your used professional audio and lighting needs.


About H.T.I.C.S.

We've been helping people buy and sell used professional audio  and production gear for way over 15 years!  That's what we do.

Click on Gear for information about how we work (and soon, also, our general listings of used equipment by category: consoles, amplifiers, speakers and staging, etc..)

Click on Summer 2008 update for the most current listings.

We provide a safe and reliable method for used gear purchases. 

What's been the most important part of the way we work at H.T.I.C.S. is the personal contact we've had with all our clients, both buyers and sellers.  Stay in touch with us.   

Postal address
PO Box 175 Center Valley, PA 18034 USA
Electronic mail
General Information:  
Sales Coordinator:  
Studio Consultant:   
        Office Manager/Bookkeeper:  open 
Staging/Audio Consultant/ awesome Cook and Bottle Washer: Bill   
WebAmateur: Lynn   
Hours of operation
10:00 am - 5:00 pm  EST Monday - Friday
         (You can usually reach someone during the above hours unless it's lunch time, dinner time, snack time, etc. You are welcome to call us 
                between the hours of 9:00 am - 9:00 pm EST Monday - Friday, as there usually is someone working, unless 
                it is exercise time, dinner time, story time or bedtime.  Weekend hours are sporatic, so please allow us time
                to respond your your messages.)

Your gear not listed here?

If you have gear to sell, we'd love to hear from you.   Please read information and terms. Email (or fax) updates and new listings to: 
  or fax 610-758-9999.

Looking for Gear???


             You've come to the right place.  H.T.I.C.S. is a family business devoted to helping people and companies buy and sell used pro audio, lighting and staging equipment. As brokers for used gear sales, we endeavor to maintain the respect and trust of our clients.  We are not an auction site.  We provide a safe way to buy and sell used gear. We have personal contact with our sellers and buyers before any purchase/sale.  We take the time to get to know our sellers and buyers... a long time, considering we have been doing this for over 15 years.

             Check out our website.    If you are looking for gear not listed, please let us know.  We maintain lists of special gear requests.  Let us know what you need, who you are and contact information (name, phone, address, email, company/group name, etc.) and we can search for your specially needed gear.


Yes, we want your comments.  We know this is website is really basic.  There are no bells, no whistles, no fancy stuff; just the facts. But gosh golly gee, we've done it.  (It took over five years of whining and complaining, by customers and staff!)
Obvious improvements will include: better navigation, better design elements, better spelling (didn't use spell check on this version, please excuse the occasional typo), Secure email, cool links, kid pictures, more frequent updates, and ultimately a search function.   Don't expect a "shopping cart" setup for a very very very long time, if ever.  Don't expect pictures on this site, as we do not wish to suport pirates.  (pictures are usually available upon request.)

Buying Gear?

Yes, please buy  gear.  The gear is really for sale, so buy early and often.  Click the buying gear link to find out how we work and to find gear listings.


Welcome to the H.T.I.C.S. Website. 

Thanks for coming. 

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This page updated 8/08 

(This website will remain in the developmental  stages, as there is always something new to learn. ) 

For Questions or to order gear call 610-865-9151, fax 610-758-9999, or email .

 For Credit Card orders, please fax a written purchase order (please fax), but, do NOT email credit card numbers until we set up  secure email.

 All Prices are in US Dollars.

All gear is in satisfactory working condition, unless otherwise noted.  

All gear pricing is per individual unit, unless otherwise stated.

Please see the INFORMATION page for more details.

 H.T.I.C.S. Used Professional Audio  610  865  9151   


Providing over 15 years of used gear sales and support to the proaudio community.



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