PA SYSTEM AIS&L Horn loaded system
10x18" JBL2240 Dubblyas, 8 817 copies JBL2225,8 MR102 with 2202,8 2380/2440 or 2441, lots of 2404. NL4 8250.00 11071
PA SYSTEMS A&H, Crown, ETC.. Clean & Lean 1997 A&H GL3000-24, 6 Crown K2, Ashly x overs, EQ, comps, Whirl- wind snakes, Audio Technica mics, EC! MORE! CALL! 28,000.00 9930
PA SYSTEMS Adamson RA25/RA38
8 Tops, 8 3x18" subs, 4 2wide x 10 deep bumpers, spare cones All VGC! 45,000.00 8518
PA SYSTEMS Blue Chip Side fills with rack
Each has 2x15" EVDL15X and Selenium on a DDS horn. Price is for 2. Rack has Ashly x over and QSC amps. 3000.00 4070
PA SYSTEMS Community L&S CSX60 and CSX70II
Price for 2 of each.
1800.00 10127
PA SYSTEMS Community, AB Fatboys and rack
8 N-FB "fatboy" fullrangers with ATM gridz, rack with 2 pro- cessers, 1 AB 9620, 2 1590B, panels(all NL4) Price for all. 8900.00 8531
PA SYSTEMS Creative Acoustics 2 stacker
2x15" subs, 2x12"+1" tops, 2 of each. Painted Ply with Ozite Eminence loaded. Price for all. 1050.00 9155
PA SYSTEMS Crest, Yamaha Another Clubber
Good club system with rock n' roll power! Call for list.
27,500.00 8985
PA SYSTEMS EAW Flying Line Array KF860
Kf860 (8), KF861 downfills (4), SB864 subs (2).
39,000.00 11091
2 cabinets and 1 processor set up for them and SB180 sub.VGC
3400.00 9449
8 KF650EF, 8 SB600, MX800i processor
26,560.00 10961
Processor, caster plates, covers, flyware, cables, more. Oh, yeah, 16 speakers. 60,000.00 10901
10 EF boxes with dollies and 8 2x12" Super hooter subs. All will be checked and tested. VGC! 42,500.00 10431
PA SYSTEMS EAW!EAW!EAW!Oh Crest KF850 rig Buy Now!
8 KF850EF, 4 KF853, 4 BH853, 8 SB850R, 3 racks, cables MORE! Crest amps, call! 65,006.00 8214
PA SYSTEMS EAW, Crown, Allen & Heath Excellent Condition!
KF750/SB1000, MA power, mics, BSS omni's, Lex, Drawmer, R&R ML5000, GL4000, Clear-com, Big Whirlwind! All EC! 99,900.00 11064
PA SYSTEMS EAW, JBL, Community Ya betcha
BH500 Subs (8), MR102 12" Mids (8), with six JBL 2" horns mounted on community boxes, ya betcha 9000.00 9336
PA SYSTEMS EAW, Midas KF750, XL348
Call about this one! We can email or fax ya the details. Two whole systems, lights and work for them too call 10322
8 KF850i Tad 4001 loaded install tops, 8 SB850r bottoms, 2 rax with 4 Crown MA2400, 1 Carver PM300, panels, CALL! 36,795.00 11217
16 tops and 8 Bottoms with EP-8 Rackpanels and cables.
12,400.00 10739
PA SYSTEMS Electrovoice MT4 or not MT4 (MTH & MTLs)
12 tops, 12 subs, about 1/2 sub speakers need recone, Fly- ware , crown ampracks, cables, carts, just about everything. call 6722
PA SYSTEMS Electrovoice Small system
4 TL4025 Bass horns, 4 TL1225 Mid horns, Crest amps: 2 V1500 1 V900, 1 TDM 24cx3, All cables.10 space rack.Mostly New! 9000.00 498
PA SYSTEMS Electrovoice X-Array Install,
16 XI2153-64,8 XI1191 subs,10 P3000, 6 P2000, 4 P1250 amps, KT DN9848, 2 DN8000, 4 rax, 4 4wide bumpers, cables. call 9409
PA SYSTEMS Heil Mighty Whitey
4 2x15" horn loaded JBL loaded in cases, 4 2" JBL 2440/Heil horns, 4 tweeter banks. Price for all!! 1200.00 11141
PA SYSTEMS Hood, AB Living Room System
Birch rack with AB 1200, 900 and Del Rio Amps, Rane AC23, 2 Hood speakers with McCauley 18, 12, 2" Price for all. 2400.00 6955
PA SYSTEMS In-yer Face Flying System
20 2x15"2225, 2226+2" 2445J, 4 2x15" EV mid bass horns, 8 2x18" 2241 subs. With ATM flystuff, BSS Minidrive, EC! 24,500.00 9128
PA SYSTEMS JBL, Harbinger SR4732, unknown
6 SR4732 tops, 6 15" subs and 6 18" subs that all stack uni- formly. JBL speakers. 8750.00 8757
PA SYSTEMS JBL, QSC Concert stuff
4 JBL 4871 2x15"+2" horn, 4 4845 18" matching subs, 2 MX3000 2 MX2000, 2 MX700, 2 xovers, 2 comps, stereo EQ, CALL! 11,500.00 8765
PA SYSTEMS Just about everybody. Full Club setup
Crest amps , JBL drivers, Senn, Shure mics, highlight this complete system. With Monitors, stands, cables, Mixers,more! 30,000.00 3213
PA SYSTEMS Klipsch KP600
6 stax + 2 ex subs, 2 x overs, Flybars, Rigging, 8 dollies Free delivery! Call for details. 16,500.00 3971
PA SYSTEMS Klipsch MWM Monster system
LOUD! 12x15", 4x10", 6x(4x1"), 6 Super tweeties. All very horn loaded and very efficient. VGC! 7500.00 7665
PA SYSTEMS Lights, stages, SOUNND! Festival rig
Small sound, tent, covers Lighting rig, mics, snakes, chairs GMC 26 footer, Lookout fair circuit! Call for list. 115,000.0 11105
PA SYSTEMS Martin Audio W8C + WSX
4 of each with new Cloud 9 covers, custom flyware for the tops, Only one year in an install. 17,500.00 10999
PA SYSTEMS McCauley Awesome
8 850 1x18" subs and 8 825-2 tops with 1x15" ,1x12" + 2" in grey Ozite cabs. 1/2 are traps and 1/2 are straight. VGC! 13,500.00 1399
PA SYSTEMS MF'ers Old and Horny
4 Martin style 2x15" JBL2226, baltic birch, 2 2x12" JBL 2202 & K120, 2 Community L&S 2"/ JBL2440/2445 Diaphragms. 2600.00 9803
Tops have 2x15", 2"+1", subs 2x18", sold 2 tops and bottoms at a time. Grey Ozite, NL4, 3 sets available. GC 2300.00 8763
PA SYSTEMS Peavey, Behringer, Yamaha One rack system
Rack with Behringer 16 channel, Peavey PV2000 amp, BBE 482, Alesis Microverb IV, Yamaha S115IV, Gemini PL100. All NEW! 2400.00 9464
PA SYSTEMS Radian A** Kicker!
6 Radian RPX215B,6 RPX218
15,000.00 3959
24 horn loaded cabinets with 1x18" 2240, 2x12" 2202, and 2" 2445 on a 90x40 horn, and 8 spare mid/horn cabs.Flyable. 15,000.00 512
PA SYSTEMS Renkus Heinz CE3TA, BPS1502
12 CE3TA and 8 PBS15-2
43,000.00 10909
PA SYSTEMS Renkus/ Crown Whole Company
List available. Includes Mains, Mons, stage, lights, back- line, rax, drive, snakes, mixer, truck! 197,500.00 7370
PA SYSTEMS Soundcraft/QSC Top Shelf set up.
Good for clubs up to 2000 people. Good mics,and outboard. Call for details. 33,000.00 4347
PA SYSTEMS Turbosound Flashlight TFS780H/TFS780L
Put together your system.with the floodlights. You can add a controller and rax if you need them call 10148
PA SYSTEMS Turbosound Flashllight/Floodlight system
TFL760H,TFL760HM,TFL760LM,TFS780H,TFS780L THL4F,TFM300;TFM330; rax & flyware available too! call 10323
PA SYSTEMS Turbosound Floodlight.TFL760H/760HM/760LM
Put together your system with the flashlights. Flyware avail You can add a controller and racks if you need them call 10151
PA SYSTEMS Turbosound TMS3/TSW24
8 of each with EP6 connectors, dollies for the subs. VGC!
18,500.00 11046
PA SYSTEMS Turbosound/BSS Turboboomers TMS4/TSE111
Flying setup with 6 TMS4 and 8 TSE111. Crossover & flygear, flybars, can be included if you ask nicely. 10,900.00 11134



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