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Information for Buyers and Sellers of Used Gear


helps you buy used gear


This is the page to learn about how to buy and sell used professional audio and lighting equipment with H.T.I.C.S.

We have been helping people buy and sell used gear since 1990.

Here's how it works if you want to buy gear :

**(please look to your left for categories of used equipment and gear for sale and below for update link)**

Updated gear page: Late summer 2008 update

Please let us know what item(s) you are interested in.   We confirm availability with the seller.  Please ask ALL questions you may have, so that we can ask them while we confirm availability with the seller(s.) If you are on a deadline, please let us know.

Buyers can make an offer that we will pass on to the seller. Obviously, reasonable offers may be accepted, Counter-offers often happen. Be realistic though; you’re not going to get $200 off a single $300 item.  We understand the market value of the gear we are selling, and are available to assist you with offers.

Delays can occur due to sellers’ busy schedules or sheer volume. Please do not hesitate to follow up with H.T.I.C.S.  In fact, we recommend it.  

NOTE:  All gear subject to  availability, previous sale and price changes.

Rating system:  All gear is in working, but used condition, unless otherwise noted.  All gear should be in functional physical condition.  All gear is as represented by the seller, and should be in satisfactory working condition.  Additional ratings:

     FC - Fair condition (works, but really  looks its age, and will have physical wear.  GC - Good condition (looks acceptable for its age, will show some wear, and of course, functions well).  VGC - Very Good Condition - (looks good for its age, and functions well).  EC  - Excellent condition (Looks nice for its age, minimal wear and tear, in great shape, no expected problems).  Mint - (Looks almost new, near perfect condition, looks incredible for its age.)   As New -  (Nearly new, NO or limited warranty from manufacturer.)  New - (never used, should have warranty).  Demo - (being sold from an authorized dealer, has been out of the box and may show some wear - should have some warranty.  Also known as B stock.).  C Stock - (from manufacturer or authorized dealer, refurbished/reconditioned usually with some warranty.)  NO RATING???  (gear is in used, working condition, will look okay for its age, will show some wear, but will not affect operation.)

When you are ready to buy, please pay for the equipment. (Some sellers will ship COD, but most sellers won’t ship COD.) All purchases are prepaid, in US Dollars. Please let us know if you have any shipping preferences or requirements. Please remember that shipping costs are additional. Packing and handling costs are sometimes additional (due to the size/shape and materials needed for safe packaging.)  Shipping is either freight collect, guess-estimated/prepaid, or billed to your credit card after the gear is shipped.  Additional shipping charges will be added to your invoice.

In a rush? When you order something from us, let us know if you are on a deadline. If you need express shipping, tell us. We can try to accommodate requests express and expedited shipping (overnight shipping is possible, but must be arranged [early in the business day] , as we are not a "store" and the gear isn't sitting on a shelf all boxed up waiting to go.)  (Most shipments take one to five days to ship, unless otherwise arranged.) We will do our best to help. We will do our best to track your shipment, but, if you haven’t received your stuff, and it’s been two weeks since we received your funds, please let us know. BUT — we work with many busy companies, just like yours. Try to understand & be patient, we’ll keep you informed and solve the problem. Thanks.

Worried? : We take the worry out of used gear sales. We've been helping our buyers and sellers for over 15 years!  This is our business and we want you to be satisfied.  We normally hold your funds until equipment is shipped, received and inspected and approved (in the three-day period.) In most instances, payment to seller is after approval is received from the buyer.

When you receive the shipment, please inspect immediately. It is a well-known fact that simply shipping an item can create a service problem. It should not be automatically assumed that the Seller has sent broken or defective items, or has improperly packed the item(s).  So, it is very important to quickly inspect and report any problems to the shipping service and H.T.I.C.S.  With most shipping services, the longer the delay in reporting problems, the greater the difficulty in resolving problems.  Please retain all packing materials, in case of a shipping claim.  Also, taking photographs of the package(s) and damage may be helpful.

The inspection period is 3 business days.  Please notify us about any problems within the 3-day period.  Please retain all shipping materials for claims and returns.  If damaged, you'll need to hold item for inspection or pickup with the original packing material.  If the item was grossly misrepresented, we’ll advise you on return procedures. If you want to return the equipment for any other reason (other than shipping damage or other problems for which we were notified) the unit must ship within three (3) business days of receipt. The buyer is responsible for return shipments: packing properly and insuring. You’ll receive credit/refund after the seller notifies us that everything was received okay.

We want you to beHAPPY. Please call  or and say, "it’s here." Then, we will know that it’s been delivered and we can pay the original owner. Please notify us within 3 days that you’ve received it. If you’re grumbling about it, we want to hear from you. CALL US. We need to hear about the condition of the gear. Thank you.


the fine print

Buyer's Terms & Conditions of Sale

Terms: All merchandise purchased through H.T.I.C.S. is to be pre-paid:

Payment: We (usually) accept:

· Money Order, Cashiers or Bank Check, Business Check. (Please allow time for funds to clear.) Checks should be in U.S. funds from US bank.

· Wire Transfers

· C.O.D. (money order, bank check, cashiers check) (This depends on the seller)

· MASTERCARD, VISA OR AMERICAN EXPRESS with your written purchase order (including cardholders signature, shipping & billing addresses, telephone number, card #, expiration date and CID security code.  Please list item(s), price, shipping (noting instructions and that shipping costs are additional), etc.)  Fax purchase order to 610-758-9999


    Pennsylvania addressees: Please add 6% sales tax or provide re-sale tax ID Form.

    Other States:  If the seller has a office in your state, you may be charged and/or responsible for sales tax.   Also, if you pick up direct from a seller, and do not use a common carrier, sales tax may be charged.

    Please consult state tax office or tax professionals for your own states regulations and responsibilities. 

· Please ask about lease programs.


Warranty: All equipment should be in working order unless otherwise indicated. Used equipment sold through H.T.I.C.S. carries no warranty stated or implied unless otherwise agreed upon at time of sale. Condition of equipment is stated as the seller had represented it to us; however, we are unable to guarantee this representation to be true. We encourage inspection prior to purchase when practical. All equipment is subject to prior sale or price change without notification.

*Note: Vehicles, Lifts, Trusses, Chain motors, Light bulbs are sold AS IS —they carry no warranty or guarantee.  We make no claims as to safety or usability.  We recommend that you have them tested, checked and certified.

Pricing: All prices listed include a 3% CASH Prepaid discount.  (This includes Cash, bank check, wire transfer, etc. If you use other payments, the full price may be in effect.)

(A 3% restocking fee may apply if you received a cash discount for a charged purchase that is returned.)

Sales tax: As a buyer you may be responsible for remitting a Sales or   Use Tax to your state (Pennsylvania customers pay H.T.I.C.S.).  Please note, that  if the seller/shipper has an office in your state and is billing H.T.I.C.S. for sales tax due because of your  location, then H.T.I.C.S. will then charge the you/buyer the tax (and forward to the seller, who will in turn, forward tax payments to the local tax agency of your state.) Exempt?? Please provide your sales tax certification if exempt in Pennsylvania or other states.


Shipping: The Buyer pays shipping and handling costs. All merchandise purchased through H.T.I.C.S. is to be shipped insured Freight Collect or prepaid by the buyer. Credit card orders: we will charge your card for shipping after we receive the shipping invoice from the seller or shipping company. Most items will be received within 10 business days of receipt of order. Need it faster? EXPEDITED shipments may be requested. Please give date needed and rush shipping (airfreight) authorization if you need rush shipping. 

International shipping:  International shipping may be very expensive and all costs are the responsibility of the buyer.  Please remember, along with freight, there may be duties, customs, fees, taxes, packing charges, handling charges and delays.  It is strongly recommended that you have an account with an international shipping service for the best prices and assistance with the customs processes.


Acceptance: Please INSPECT the merchandise UPON ARRIVAL and BUYER must file damage claims immediately to the shipping service. Keep all shipping materials for claim. Please notify H.T.I.C.S. to report any damage from shipping or otherwise.  Keep all shipping materials for claimDO NOT SIGN FOR DAMAGED SHIPMENTS. Tell the delivery person you see damage upon delivery. We know you are excited to see your gear, but please take the time to inspect packaging, etc. Please also notify H.T.I.C.S. to report any damage from shipping or otherwise.  


Returns: Buyer has 3 days to inspect the shipment after receipt. If there are any problems you MUST NOTIFY US WITHIN THREE (3) BUSINESS DAYS of receipt of the merchandise (unless otherwise pre-arranged).

 ALMOST all items are returnable or exchangeable within the 3-day period. Please call and discuss specific needs before purchase. All conditions listed or given for equipment for sale are to the best of our knowledge. 

All returns must be packed well and freight (insured) is the responsibility/liability of the buyer.




helps you sell used gear



Here's how it works if you want to sell gear :


Seller's Terms and Conditions of Sale

Pricing: The Seller sets the price desired for merchandise. The commission (usually 10-15%) is added by H.T.I.C.S. to the sellers’ price to determine the H.T.I.C.S. catalog’s "asking" sales price for the equipment. (Which means the "asking sales price" listed in the catalog or offered to a buyer by seller or H.T.I.C.S. includes the sellers price and any commission due H.T.I.C.S.)

We are available to assist with any price negotiations or other selling problems. If we refer a buyer to you and other items are purchased, we would appreciate a 10% commission (or other future sales within one year.)  If a buyer we refer to you makes payment directly to you as a result of our referral, our full commission is due.

 (If you negotiate any price changes with a buyer referred by H.T.I.C.S., the commission due H.T.I.C.S. remains the same {same dollar amount} unless otherwise agreed upon by H.T.I.C.S. Please do not negotiate our commission [with buyer] without us.) 


Shipping/Selling: Seller agrees to ship merchandise (insured) to buyer (at the buyer’s expense) upon notification to/from H.T.I.C.S. that payment has been received for that merchandise by H.T.I.C.S. or to H.T.I.C.S. We offer a third party buyers/sellers "broker" service, where we hold funds received until approval is provided (3 days after receipt.) Seller invoices H.T.I.C.S. Seller agrees to pack and ship merchandise for safe freight shipment immediately upon notification that payment has been received. Seller's shipping charges will be fair market value and will ship best way.**


** Liability is with the seller and/or the freight company for damage caused as a result of insufficient packaging and/or damage incurred during shipment to/during  direct to the buyer or to H.T.I.C.S.


Payment:  We take the worry out of used gear sales.  We have been selling used pro audio for over 14 years.  This is our business and we endeavor to maintain the respect and trust of our clients.  H.T.I.C.S. receives payment from buyers and holds funds until equipment is shipped, received and inspected. Buyers have three (3) days to inspect equipment, and then, to return any equipment if the condition is found to be unsatisfactory, unless otherwise arranged. Payment to seller is after buyers’ approval. Payment to seller is by invoice to H.T.I.C.S.  Please include serial numbers of items when possible.


Important and legal stuff  


* All used equipment is to be in good working condition (unless otherwise detailed in equipment description provided by seller for the catalog.)   Please allow a minimum of a three business day inspection/return period for our client buyers.

*Seller will please return calls from H.T.I.C.S. in a timely manner to expedite sale. 

*Seller agrees to inform H.T.I.C.S. of any change in status of the listed equipment: of price, condition, sold equipment, seller’s change of address or phone number and equipment availability.

* Seller will notify H.T.I.C.S. if equipment cannot be shipped within 3 business days. (Please return our calls/ faxes/Email quickly, ok?) Please use caution with mailing houses, as their packing service is expensive and the shipping price may be higher than if you used the shipping service directly.  Please advise H.T.I.C.S. of additional costs prior to shipment, so that we may advise the buyer.

Terms: Any funds/payment received on behalf of H.T.I.C.S. are due to H.T.I.C.S. immediately upon receipt. Payment to seller is made upon receipt and approval of merchandise by the buyer and invoice from seller. Payments billed by invoice are due H.T.I.C.S. upon receipt.  We would appreciate a commission of 10% on all used sales directly due to our referral within a one (1) year period.

Legal Part:   Seller understands that H.T.I.C.S. provides a service to assist with the sale of  used equipment, and by listing gear with H.T.I.C.S. agrees to our Terms,  on this page, and on our purchase orders and invoices.





** One more thing, we apologize for any errors on these pages.


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This page revised 2007

All prices listed in U.S. Dollars.


For Questions or to order gear call 610-865-9151, fax 610-758-9999, or email .

 For Credit Card orders, please fax a written purchase order (please fax), but, do NOT email credit card numbers until we set up  secure email.

 All Prices are in US Dollars.

All gear is in satisfactory working condition, unless otherwise noted.  

All gear pricing is per individual unit, unless otherwise stated.

Please see the INFORMATION page for more details.

 H.T.I.C.S. Used Professional Audio  610  865  9151   


Providing over 15 years of used gear sales and support to the proaudio community.



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