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Here's a list of gear that people are looking for.

Have something on this list?  Like to sell it? Please email us at or fax us at 610-758-9999.  We're always looking for good quality gear at good prices.

Our buyers are always looking for good deals, so just because you see an item on this list, it does not mean that our buyer wants to pay more than the current going rate.  In fact, most people want a bargain, so please try to price your gear so that it will sell.

We're looking for used gear for some of our clients.

Perhaps you might have some gear you would like to sell? 
Here's some of what we are looking for now, used gear-wise
    Midas Siena, Midas Verona, Midas XL250 ,XL200, Midas xl3-16E,  h3000, etc., etc.,etc.,etc.,etc.
Midas H3000 modules, Yamaha console modules,parts, Ramsa parts, CREST console parts,paragon parts
crest x-8 theater version
Crest  psu 5a, 4x  power supplies (that's for you... do you still need these?)
Tascam PSU
Soundcraft   SM12,K3 theatre,  
Spirit Monitor2,
                                           Spirit Live 8
(16 channels),  Delta (deluxe eqs) 16, 12 or 8
Yamaha consoles  -  in general, including, Yamaha PM2000 :)  , 3210, digital boards,  pw4000
Recording consoles
Otari tape decks
digital consoles
QSC speakers
Martin Audio, (w8c,etc.)
Meyer UPA, MSL4, UPM1, upa1-p, hp700,  DS2, small powered speakers, etc
EAW  speakers!
                    EAW SM15,  KF360Z, KF series (all,especially KF650, kf600s,KF760),
    and (including) EAW subs, (SB528, sb850, sb1000, BH760,SB180,SB600)
EV speakers (QRX218s, qrx212, xlc, MTL4, MTL1X,  FM1202, deltamax dml1152)
JBL vrx932
l'acoustic v'dosc, arcs, sb28
Turbosound  (TSW124,tse111)
ommunity speakers
(SLS series, RS series)
really good monitor speakers  (including EAW SM series, martin audio LE series)
Apogee P12RV
dbx 242
dbx 903

 BSS Gates/Comps and dbx driverack 480s!

bss dpr404
BSS omnidrive, minidrive
valley dynamite
Jenius Electronics Russian Dragon
KT DN360, dn410
Summit Audio
Crest  10001 amps,  Crest 9001 amps, Crest CA series
QSC PL series amps (ie PL236A, etc.)
Electrovoice 7300, Yamaha P series amps
Lab Gruppen, Chevin, AB International, CROWN, amps amps amps
Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier

Samson UH-5 handhelds
Shure U2-UA mics
Shure U4D - UA systems, transmitters
L i g h t s:
    roboscan 918s
    Martin roboscan 1220s
    Martin MAC2000, mac250s,  Mac600, studiocolor,
    High End trackspots,intellabeams ,  575s, EMULATORS
GrandMA light board,
genie lifts/towers
chain motors
portable stages
mobile stages
trailer stages
roof systems
    et cetera
            et cetera
                    et cetera
Light systems (partial okay)
Please let us know if you have any of the above to sell, or any   other cool gear you might dig out to sell.

H.T.I.C.S. has been providing Used Pro Audio Sales services to the pro audio community  for over 15 years.  We specialize in Consoles and Speaker systems, as well as cool, sometimes hard to find special pieces of gear.  Over our 15++ year existence, we have offered a safer way to buy and sell used gear, being one of the first to specialize in used gear for the live audio and staging market.
610-865-9151 phone
610-758-9999 fax


Disclaimer:  Yes, we have buyers interested in the above items.  But, just because an item is listed here, it does not mean there is a guaranteed sale.  

Please be sure to check our our sellers terms.


Have something to sell (on this list or not on the list.)???  That's great.  Please send us by fax or email Description and price you want in your pocket.   Please describe as accurately as possible.  Best way to send information is in a spreadsheet.  Be sure to have pix available.  Please be sure to check our our sellers terms.

Last Updated on 8/08

For Questions or to order gear call 610-865-9151, fax 610-758-9999, or email .

 For Credit Card orders, please fax a written purchase order (please fax), but, do NOT email credit card numbers until we set up  secure email.

 All Prices are in US Dollars.

All gear is in satisfactory working condition, unless otherwise noted.  

All gear pricing is per individual unit, unless otherwise stated.

Please see the INFORMATION page for more details.

 H.T.I.C.S. Used Professional Audio  610  865  9151   


Providing over 15 years of used gear sales and support to the proaudio community.



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