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used pro audio - miscelleaneous stuff


INSTRUMENT Helpinstill Porta-Baby Grand If such a thing is possible, More strings than a Yamaha, Heavier, too! 2 pieces,. Built in pickups. 3800.00 3011
INSTRUMENT Roland A-70 MIDI controller with ,Roland VE JV1 card, in nice case.
500.00 16009
INSTRUMENT Steinway G5 Grand Piano From 1975, recently refurb.,
9,900.00 15296
MISC Cloud 9 Covers for Meyer MSL3 About a dozen available, and they work. Price is each.
40.00 12606
MISC. Akai S3000XL Make some samples with your 8 outputs. 5 available 700.00 14742
MISC. Aphex 120A 1x4 audio distribution amp., several available.
135.00 14759
MISC. ATUS CP6508 4 channel phantom mic powerer.
50.00 13670
MISC. C-tape C-tape C-tape run... just kidding. Piano pick-up.
110.00 4125
MISC. CM Labs Motormix mixing and editing control surfaces to interface with Protools, 2 available. 600.00 14743
MISC. Crest NexSys Supervisor and Load monitor. With modules and manuals.
b/o 8863
MISC. Crestron Pro2 Dual Bus Control System, 30+ ports to control VCRs, DVDs, projectors, screens,switchers, +more, + memory too, EC! 1550.00 15202
MISC. Denon DN2500F dual DJ deck, with sampler, pitch blend
299.99 15463
MISC. Denon DNC630 CD player, 2 available
350.00 14948
MISC. Furman PL+ Rack power conditioner.
125.00 14757
MISC. Furman PL-Plus

135.00 15530
MISC. Furman PL8 Power conditioner & light module
125.00 15677
MISC. Furman PL8 Power conditioner. 12 available.
115.00 14758
MISC. Generous Electric Line Voltage transformer You put in 95-130v, you gets 118 volts out @ 1 KVA.
115.00 15531
MISC. GML Faders Package of 8 with faceplates, switchcard, mute card, and ribbon cable. 2 sets available. 4600.00 4092
MISC. J L Cooper PPS-1 V-3

185.00 15146
MISC. JL Cooper Datasync 2 Where you wash your data-dishes!
135.00 32841
MISC. Lots of people Mobile Recording Trailer 32" single axle trailer with a studio inside. Call for details. 99,999.99 1951
MISC. Panasonic 27" TV 4 available
250.00 14903
MISC. Pioneer CDJ1000 6 available.
1100.00 15993
MISC. Pioneer CDJ700 CD player, 2 available
400.00 14897
MISC. QSC OT300 70 volt line x former.
45.00 4116
MISC. Roland AR3000 Recorder. Got spiel?
700.00 14727
MISC. Rolls RDB4 Active DI Rack, 3 available
250.00 15233
MISC. Sony Trinitron 32" 4 available
300.00 14904
MISC. Sony VPH-401Q Video Wall 16 cubes ( 41" diagonal screen size for each cube) video wall, with Electrosonic PicBloc 3 processor. All ATA cased. 6500.00 15940
MISC. Sony/Videotek/Panasonic Camera Package DXC327(3) with lens, psu, case, SEG 550 switcher, sync generator, wired & ready on a rack call 14906
MISC. Studer, Dolby, Oram,Z,TC,more Complete Mastering studio Call for list! Call for pix!
12,000.00 32579
MISC. Symetrix Patchbay Quarters everywhere.
75.00 4126
MISC. Teac AD3 AD400 CD/Cassette player player, 2 available
155.00 14949
MISC. Teac PCDP1100 CD player,
105.00 14950
MISC. Whirlwind MCT7 Multiple line tester.
call 16006


All prices in US Dollars.  Update 9/06

For Questions or to order gear call 610-865-9151, fax 610-758-9999, or email .  For Credit Card orders, please fax a written purchase order (please fax), but, do NOT email credit card numbers until we set up  secure email.

All gear is in satisfactory working condition, unless otherwise noted.  

Please see the INFORMATION page for more details.

 H.T.I.C.S. Used Professional Audio  610-865-9151  


Providing over 15 years of used gear sales and support to the proaudio community.



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